Call for participation

Workshop on Applications of Logic Programming (AppLP)

New York City, USA, 17 October 2016 (co-located with ICLP)

The focus of this 2016 workshop at ICLP is applications of logic programming, by which we mean application problems, in whole or in part, that are solved by using logic programming languages and systems. A particular theme of interest is understanding the ease of development and maintenance, clarity, performance, and tradeoffs among them brought about by programming with logic. The goal is to help provide directions for future research advances and application development.

With real-world problems involving increasingly complex data and logic, the use of logic programming is becoming more and more beneficial for complex applications. Despite the diverse areas of applications, the underlying principles are centered around the ease of development and maintenance, clarity, performance, integration with other tools, and tradeoffs. Better understanding of these important principles will help advance logic programming research and will benefit logic programming applications.

The workshop will be organized around main areas of applications, especially data analysis and knowledge engineering. Example application problems include business intelligence, ontology management, text processing, program analysis, model checking, access control, network programming, resource allocation, system optimization, decision making, and policy administration. The issues to be discussed will include language features, implementation efficiency, tool support and integration, evaluation methods, as well as teaching and training.

Besides invited talks and shorter presentations by invited participants, we also plan to identify a set of "challenge application problems" for panel and discussion sessions, during which we will discuss possible solutions and open issues together. The target audience for these problems and solutions are students who wish to study logic languages and systems and practitioners who want to use them, as well as researcher who wish to work on the open issues.

Potential participants are invited to submit a position paper (one or two pages in PDF format), and also to state whether they wish to present a talk at the workshop, explaining their application problems, solutions, rationales, and challenges. Because we intend to bring together researchers from different application domains, it is essential that all talks be accessible to non-specialists. Follow this link for electronic submission through EasyChair.

The program committee will invite attendees based on the position paper submissions and will attempt to accommodate presentation requests in ways that will fit with the broader organizational goals outlined above.

Important Dates

Position paper due: July 15, 2016
Attendee invitation: August 1, 2016
Workshop: October 17, 2016
ICLP Conference: October 18–21, 2016


David Warren     Stony Brook University
Annie Liu            Stony Brook University

Program Committee

Manuel Hermenegildo  IMDEA Software Institute, Spain
Bob Kowalski               Imperial College London, UK
Nicola Leone                University of Calabria, Italy
Michael Leuschel         Heinrich-Heine University in Dusseldorf, Germany
Vladimir Lifschitz          University of Texas at Austin, USA
Annie Liu                      Stony Brook University, USA
Enrico Pontelli              New Mexico State University, USA
Theresa Swift               NOVA LINCS, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal
David Warren               Stony Brook University, USA
Jan Wielemaker           Vrije University Amsterdam, Netherlands

Local Organizers

Bo Lin, Christopher Kane, and Saksham Chand       Stony Brook University


AppLP 2016 gratefully acknowledges the sponsorship of: